Continuing with our preoccupation with light, colours and spectra, perhaps it might be a good thing to learn a bit more about light.

Causes of Colour will help you understand more about why our world is so colourful. It is an online presentation which covers the basic aspects of the production of light, the absorption of light by different objects, our eyes and how we perceive light etc. It may be more of Physics than Chemistry, but sometimes the two overlap so much that it’s better to forget about classifications. It is closely linked with Chemistry because the colours of different objects can be ultimately explained by the molecular and atomic structures of substances which determine which colours of light they absorb/emit.

I’d recommend you to go through this website in detail, step-by-step. It explains so much about light in simple terms.

P.S. By the way, I expect everyone is caught up with the cricket fever right now(What a match it was yesterday!). I can see that though many of you have visited the blog, only one or two of you have actually tried exploring the spectroscope. I hope more of you will try it out yourselves, once the world cup is over, and you’re left jobless(!).