Here is your first worksheet for the vacation(which all of you have to complete)! It is a tutorial cum worksheet on chemical equations, borrowed from the website of David Katz, an eminent Chemistry educator, who has been kind enough to share so many of the resources he has compiled himself, on his website .

The worksheet begins with a review of what information chemical equations convey, the reasoning behind balancing chemical equations etc. This is followed by many problems on balancing equations.

Then it covers different kinds of chemical reactions- direct combination, decomposition etc. It then gives a set of problems in which you are asked to predict and complete chemical equations, by identifying the type of reaction that could occur between the given reactants.

You can never be absolutely sure about a prediction regarding a reaction unless you actually carry it out in the lab. But it is valuable from the point of view of exams, to develop the skill to be able to relate a set of reactants which you have not encountered, with reactions that you are familiar with and make intelligent guesses as to what reaction might occur. So please attempt to complete all the reactions given at the end of the worksheet. It’s alright if you get it wrong. We could even try out some of those reactions in the lab when you come to school in June, and verify the predictions.